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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Add-In for Javascript Development using Visual Studio

I have created a Add-In for Visual Studio (2005 and 2008) that helps Javascript development. I developed it for my own use since I code now in Javascript extensively. But it is extensible enough that I have created a project in for it - here:
It helps navigate Javascript; creates a very cludgy "intellisense" window; and also transfers code fragments to different regions. My purpose in creating it was to avoid scrolling back and forth in big Javascript files. When you edit CSharp and VB, you can easily navigate straight to functions and have intellisense do half the work - but Javascript editing is more difficult.
VS 2008 has very good Javascript intellisense , but it has its limitations. In our projects it does not work at all. I wrote to Microsoft about it; they are working on an improved engine apparently. Meanwhile, the add-in assists me. It is also invaluable in navigation.

If you try it out, I welcome feedback. You are also welcome to use the template to develop your own add-ins for any productivity improvement. The code is free for distribution under the MIT license.
You can view a demo (not very good quality in video) here:

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